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Uusiouutiset, Finnish Circular Economy News

  • Is regarded as the number one professional magazine specializing in the circular economy, reduce, reuse and recycling, and waste management in Finland
  • Is published 6 times a year.
  • Has been published since 1989.
  • Is an invaluable source of information regarding the Circular Economy development both in Finland and internationally. (Source: JHelske Research 2021.)
  • Is a member of Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association.
  • The average circulation of the printed and of the digital magazine is some 5,000 copies (1,300 for the printed magazine). Each copy is read by 2,6 readers and each of them reads the magazine on average 2,2 times, so the printed magazine is read some 7,400 times. The average reading time is 33 minutes.
  • 82 percent of the readers say that the magazine is an important source of professional information of this sector.
  • 70 percent of the readers say that they turn to Uusiouutiset when they are looking for information about circular economy, and the related events, fairs and seminars, projects, jobs, products and services.
  • In the recent poll, 92 percent of the readers noticed atleast one of the surveyed advertisements. The visibility of the advertisements in Uusiouutiset is better than average when compared to specilized and professional magazines in general. (JHelske Research 2021).
  • The website has nearly 110 000 page views per year. Each month, there are some 5,700 visitors at the website with engagement rate of 58%.

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