Packaging Valley to the top


Photo Stora Enso/ Tuukka Koski: Stora Enso is one of the members of Packaging Valley. Finland is an important player particularly in the field of high-quality fibre packages.


An article published in the Special international issue of Uusiouutiset Finnish Recycling News, published on 31.5.2017.


California has Silicon Valley. Finland will soon have Packaging Valley.

Lauri Lehtinen

Finnish packaging businesses establish Packaging Valley to make the Finnish packaging ecosystem number one in the world, creating added value for customers.

‘Currently, Packaging Valley consists of about 40 companies and organisations, with Pöyry coordinating the operations with the Finnish Packaging Association. The members include material and equipment manufacturers, brand owners and innovative SMEs representing different sectors of the packaging industry,’ explains Director Petri Vasara from Pöyry.

Pöyry supports the members of the ecosystem in sourcing funding for their research and internationalisation projects.

The members of Packaging Valley receive collected information on markets, consumers and trends, helping the companies to develop their sales and marketing. In addition, the members of Packaging Valley have access to a database on Finnish packaging and material research and real-life utilisation of new technologies. Furthermore, Packaging Valley is a channel through which it is possible to influence Finnish financiers, such as Tekes, Sitra and Finpro, as well as public organisations.

Packaging Valley expands co-operation in the packaging industry across material and technology borders. A further objective is to build a virtual, internationally linked complex that connects areas of expertise to each other.

Other objectives include creating original Finnish market-driven end-to-end solutions and improving co-operation and transfer of information between research organisations and businesses in the packaging industry.


Export and recycling

Mr Vasara explains that the goal of the project is to promote the international growth of the packaging industry. The results must lead to export to the global market. In 2014, the value of the production of the Finnish packaging industry was EUR 1.7 thousand million, and export accounted for 70 per cent of the production. Particularly in high-quality fibre packages, Finland is a very important player in the global market.

The Finnish forest industry, packagers, innovative SMEs, Internet of Things businesses, software development and security software applications will collaborate in the fields of packaging digitalisation and material development. The worldwide value of the packaging market is $670 billion.

The circular economy is an essential and important part of Packaging Valley. An efficient circular economy requires a link to bioeconomy. As one of the four bioeconomy ecosystems funded by Tekes, Packaging Valley is excellent for this purpose. The circular bioeconomy provides realistic growth opportunities.