Uusiouutiset is Finland’s number one professional media specializing in the circular economy, environmental protection, waste management, re-use and recycling.

Since 1989, it has established a firm position among professionals in the field. Today, the media is an invaluable source of information for entrepreneurs, governmental officials, legislators and other experts.

Uusiouutiset discusses the major issues of the circular economy, waste management, and recycling. First hand information, professional views and events both in Finland and abroad will be available in seven issues every year.

Uusiouutiset publishes also a popular newsletter, which is read by some 3 000 subscribers.

Through Uusiouutiset you’ll reach nearly the entire field of professionals and potential environmental technology customers working in this sector in Finland. Learn more about our advertisements and prices.

Uusiouutiset is published by Finnish Professional Media SUOMA Ltd, which is owned by Kempulssi Ltd. Uusiouutiset is a member of the Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association.


Our readers come from these sectors:

– recycling

– waste management

– environmental protection

– circular economy

Our readers are experienced experts of these fields and many are highly educated decision makers of their organisations. Also, many of our readers are future professionals, as our magazine reaches also the under-40-year old as well as the students of higher education facilities around Finland.

Here are some key figures, according to our readers polls by JHelske Research in 2021, 2019 and Focus Master in 2016:

– 56 % are experts and specialists

– 10% are CEO’s or in other leading positions

– 75% of our readers have a university or higher education degree

– 87% of our subscribers have a university or higher education degree

– 63% are women

– 11% are under 30 years old

– 10 % are students

– Each issue has on average 5,6 readers. Averge circulation som 1,200 copies, each issue is read more than 13,000 times.


Uusiouutiset publishes also a newsletter. Our newsletter has more than 3,000 subscribers.

Of the newsletter’s readers:

– More than 30% have worked in these sectors for more than 11 years

– 54% is a professional, expert or a specialist

– 65% is involved in decision making and 20% is themselves the person, who makes the decisions in their organisation

– 47,7% are working in the private sector

– 26,3% are working in the public sector

– 25,9% are working in a field outside circular economy or waste management

– 23% are under 39 years of age

– 31% are working in an organisation with more than 200 employees

– 19% are working in a organisation with less than 10 employees

– 61% is living in a city with more than 100 000 inhabitants.



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