Finland will play an important role in renewing Europe’s industrial capacities


Photo: Miikka Pirinen, Sitra.




The World Circular Economy Forum 2017 (WCEF2017) is this year’s must-attend event on the circular economy, attracting guests from more than 70 countries. This groundbreaking event will present the world’s best circular economy solutions and gather together 1,500 recognised experts and decision-makers from the field in Helsinki, Finland, from 5 to 7 June 2017.

WCEF2017 consists of 17 plenary and parallel sessions showcasing circular economy solutions for business, cities and finance. The forum will feature three intense days of discussions, networking, workshops, side events and business excursions. It will showcase the best solutions for allowing businesses to gain a competitive edge, create more added value and generate new growth and jobs in societies around the world. As the view on the circular economy is global, special focus is put on how the circular economy is the essential engine behind achieving the highly ambitious UN Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Europe is in a position to lead the way in developing an economy which minimises waste and pollution, and uses its resources efficiently. WCEF2017 is an important platform bringing movers and shakers of the circular economy together to renew Europe’s industrial capacities and secure jobs and growth in a rapidly changing environment with limited resources. There is an ever-increasing need for collaboration to solve challenges on a systemic level. The circular economy is a concept that originates from Europe and has firm roots in the European Union’s action plans and focus areas. WCEF2017 is timely for the EU’s circular economy package, as the forum will shed light on the best examples of circular economy solutions that can support the execution of the package and make the story complete for businesses and governments alike.

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, has decided to showcase 100 of the most interesting circular economy business cases in order to show how businesses can transform their core business models towards a circular economy. It is important to show in practice how we can achieve an estimated net saving of 600 billion euros for European companies by using resources more efficiently and moving away from the linear “take-make-consume-throw away” economy.

Finland has taken the lead by hosting the first World Circular Economy Forum and sharing its own inspirational story of turning the country’s vision of a circular economy into reality and delivering benefits across all sectors of business and society. Finland’s success in education, combined with our strong competences in digital solutions and our high levels of ambition for a circular economy, is a compelling combination for creating truly unique solutions globally.

We invite you to follow the live stream of WCEF2017 and celebrate Finland’s 100-year anniversary with us! The live stream and other associated content can be found at:

Kari Herlevi
Project Director, Circular Economy
Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund